Thursday, 24 November 2011

Care for the Elderly?

This morning live on BBC television a care worker from Norfolk burst into tears at the complete madness of her care industry. It would appear that she was on the verge of insanity at her inability to change a system which is clearly rotten to the core.

At the centre of this mayhem are heartless Town Hall fatcats who are trying to cut costs (so that they can claim their bonuses) and reduce care for the elderly to a time management issue. The care worker in question had just revealed that she did not have sufficient time to care for her clientele unless she worked unpaid in her own time!

Clearly care for the elderly has become a local government cost issue and consequently the fatcats will be determined to cling onto their monstrous salaries, expenses and bonuses. In my opinion it is time that Westmonster layed down guidelines but then where do we start? Nobody with a hint of compassion can stipulate rules for care in the community. Only the care worker can judge each individual situation as it arises and if they are employed as a care worker then they should be trusted to deal with each individual problem.

Greed is the problem. I would suggest that whenever we discover an example of neglect then we immediately sack the appropriate manager. If they were under this type of threat then it might just encourage them to care slightly more for the people on their books!

This never happened in the days when town hall employees were paid a reasonable salary and everything else was spent on the public. Until we return to sanity and end the greed culture our elderly and everyone else will continue to be deprived of the services that we need. 

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