Tuesday, 29 November 2011

It gets worse...!!

Judge Esmond Faulks. Photo by UPPA/Photoshot
Judge Esmond Faulks
After my latest rant at the ineptitude of our Criminal Justice System which rewards violent criminals for their actions by 'sentencing' them to  rather short luxurious holidays in surroundings that most of us could never afford, I noticed this case in the mainstream media.

Of course none of us knows why the judge would postpone sentencing until the New Year, allowing this thug to spend Christmas at home, but the effect on the victim must have been devastating and this is my point! Does nobody in the Justice System think about the victim? Is it all about protecting the violent? My goodness she was paralysed and he continued to attack her!

The behaviour of this lout was so premeditated, so calculated and so callous that a life sentence should be the minimum. After all his victim has now got a life sentence and according to the report it could have been anyone unlucky enough to be passing by so why the delay?Apparently Judge Esmond Faulks adjourned the case to study pre-sentence reports! How long will that take?

It is not the first time that Judge Faulks has hit the headlines so perhaps he will this time do the decent thing. I will not hold my breath because most of them love the headline but consistently refuse to challenge the system which allows thugs to paralyse women and then spend Christmas at home!


bewick said...

This one is in my general geographical area. There are many scumbags in the Geordie population but also many fine people. My grandparents and my mother were "Geordie" or more accurately "Mackam" because they were from Sunderland.I'm a Derbyshire man myself but now living in Northumberland.
You seem to have missed one though Bryboy. A Millionaire drug dealer from Liverpool is claiming that it is his human right to run his drug empire from prison. His "human right"? Words fail me.
I can't start to express my thoughts on both of these cases since I think that Blogger might censor me.

bryboy said...

Hi Bewick, Yes I saw that case. There is so much madness going on it is sometime difficult to keep up! I cannot believe that they told Curtis Warren not to return to his 'business' when he leaves prison. They know what he does so catch him again!