Sunday, 20 November 2011

Spitting on the Public!

Labour peer Baroness Uddin
Baroness Uddin

The press are carrying many stories at the moment which almost proves that the Political are continuing to 'spit on the public'.
One of the worst cases is the refusal to deal with Baroness Uddin. She is reported to have lifted £125,000 from the public purse for stating falsehoods about her property dealings. That is my polite way of stating that she really needs to be investigated before the politicians can declare that all the 'dirty deals' which were uncovered by the Daily Telegraph have been dealt with.

I admit that a few of the fall guys have been jailed for limited periods  but many, many more escaped punishment and Baroness Uddin is one of the worst and most publicised cases. It is no coincidence that she was elevated to the peerage by Tony Blair. Almost every time that we hear of a sleazy episode somewhere in the background is the hand of Tony Blair. I can only hope that the capture yesterday of Saif Ghaddafi will eventually expose him for what he has been.

Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Chris Huhne
Chris Huhne MP
Then we have the case of Chris Huhne, the Lib Deb member of the cabinet who for months has eluded charges that he forced his wife to take his penalty points for speeding thus avoiding a driving ban. Today a Mail on Sunday journalist recreated the journey which Vicky Price (his estranged wife) would have taken to be behind the wheel when the offence occurred. She concluded that even if she had driven like Lewis Hamilton it was very unlikely to have been possible!

Is it not about time that the CPS announced that he be charged or not as the case may be. In both cases it appears that individuals are being protected by a sleazy system because they are politicians. They needn't worry because, even if found guilty, it has become clear that if you have influence and money your sentence will be cut to almost nothing and then you will immediately rejoin the system from whence you came!


Oldman said...

Maybe you should be careful what you say about Blair. He may be appointed your next PM if Cameron resists giving up the pound for the Euro. You worry too much about the farce in Westminster and not enough about Brussels. The petty thieves and criminals in parliament are for your entertainment so you don't wonder what Blair and Brown are doing to you. Cheers.

bryboy said...

Hi Lyle and tks agn for your interest. I would like to point out however, that I have been an implacable 'enemy' of he EU ever since the inception of this blog. I agree that Westmonster has become small beer compared to Brussels but I still believe that people who have abused their position should be rigidly prosecuted. Zero tolerance here mate!