Saturday, 12 November 2011

Your new Prime Minster is...?

It never ceases to amaze me how the Eurocrats dispense with democracy at every available opportunity. In the very rare event that people are consulted on the question of the EU then a 'No' vote is ignored and another referendum arranged so that the 'right' result can be 'arranged'.

So when the elected Greek PM decided to consult the people on the austerity measures being imposed on his country one could almost hear the shrieks of horror from Brussels. Inevitably he had to leave office so one would presume that an election for his successor would be held. Election? (more shrieks!) Oh no the Greeks were presented with an unelected eurocrat appointed to ensure that everyone did as they were told. What has amazed me is that the Greeks who will violently riot at the drop of a hat seem to have accepted this situation.

So let's swim across the Ionian Sea and drop in on Italy. We have the same situation there only a lot bigger. Their PM is a mate of Tony Blair so clearly his CV is dodgy and because he had presided over a massive financial mess he too is being pushed out (allegedly). So cue elections? Not on your nelly duff as eurocrat number two is being prepared to guide Italy through their austerity measures.

So it got me thinking what would happen if the UK went bust and the EU decided to remove David Cameron and replace him? Who would be the best candidate? No point in holding elections because all three parties agree with each other so that would be a waste of time. We could bring back Gordon Brown but there is one drawback ...unbelievably he was actually elected back into Westmonster! He never attends but who cares?

So who else who doesn't stand for election but is crooked enough to support the EU. I know we have one outstanding candidate. Step forward Peter Mandelson a man who had to resign from high office twice, a man who routinely courts Russian oligarchs and a man who apparently made a fortune during his time as an EU commissar.

Nobody in the UK would ever vote for him so he would be perfect...
and he even has the right initials!! I know the idea is ludicrous but that is what has happened in Greece and is likely to happen in Italy. Suddenly democracy has disappeared and that is why you will never get a referendum.

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