Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Youth Unemployment

We are now seeing the result of decades of plotting and planning by persons unknown that has resulted in the cream of British youth being unable to find employment despite reams of 'A*' grades and university degrees. Today the unemployment figures were announced which frankly are a disgrace to a civilized country.

This country has a proud tradition of innovation and entrepreneurial skills second to none which could only be dismantled by design. Our education system first came under attack in the sixties when left wing loony socialists decided that the grammar school system, which throughout the world, was probably the only way that kids from council estates could get to Oxbridge without paying a penny, was abandoned.

Systematically exams were reduced in severity, discipline was challenged and the role of the teacher undermined. New teachers did not have to meet the educational requirements of their predecessors and subsequently the standards dropped. Don't get me wrong we still found decent people who had a teaching vocation but their authority was being constantly undermined.

Outside of education we, in this country, always had a practical apprenticeship programme. This served the young who did not have academic ability. The plumbers, electricians, hairdressers and bricklayers could be fed through this scheme so that by the time they reached 21 they were time qualified and well trained.

In the early 1980/90's these schemes were also undermined. They became YTS schemes which received much bad publicity and eventually somebody came up with NVQs (National Vocational Qualifications) which frankly did not fit the bill. I know because I had to implement them. In fact It went just that bit further because if we did not ensure that our trainees passed the exam (regardless of ability) we lost our funding, which meant we lost our jobs! Looking back now the manipulation was unbelievable and everyone...and I mean everyone, accepted that this was reasonable. 

By that time Tony Blair arrived on the scene and made his 'Education' speech! He decided that all our kids deserved a university education and just to emphasise his determination he closed down the local authority training schemes. My own highly successful scheme was going to be closed down so in 1996 I took the incentive of an enhanced pension. They more or less rewarded me to disappear because today I am living off it!

Then the scandal really took off. Now all our kids were in mainstream education. Now there was no alternative to edukashun and boy did they milk it. Year after year the exam results became sensational and year after year they all went to university...apart of course from the sub class who could not be controlled. So we had a two tier education system.

We had a smiling, grinning brain dead generation who played the game and a nasty, uncontrollable, degenerate group who became criminals, or had kids by different fathers or just sat at home watching day time television. The decent parents were persuaded that the system was 'kosha' because their kids were getting brilliant grades! What parent wants to challenge good grades obtained by their kids? Only the kids knew that they did not deserve their grades and how many of them will complain when they can hug their friends (sometimes live on the BBC) celebrating their success.

And so onto immigration! By the time we entered the new millenium our youngsters had a new threat. Hundreds of thousands of incomers were being allowed into the country and not all of them were ignorant Somalis and Afghans. Many of them were very clever Eastern Europeans and Scandanavians.

I know a family who have settled in my home town. He is Rumanian and she is Russian. He is the local club tennis champion and their daughter now attends the Dan Maskell school of Excellence for tennis. She is unbelievable and is one of my grandaughters best friends.  I know that they are so committed to the UK that it is painful. He is a lecturer at the local university and his wife who spoke NO English when she arrived is now employed as an accountant.

How can our ill educated youngsters compete with this element of expertise. These people speak multiple languages and are socially aware. They are determined and committed and they are the real competion to our children.

Until we organise our education system to compete with the world or stop the immigration riot then our kids have no chance of getting a job. They have the wrong attitude, the wrong qualifications, the wrong direction and the wrong politicians. It will not change until they themselves get angry. I don't mean union (student union) angry I mean genuine, I will put my body on the line angry, because that is the only way that they will change this corrupt, disfunctional, complacent system.

If we got rid of the Political Class and got back to a fair and honest system then we could look after our youngsters but they will have to fight for it. The Camerons, Milibands, Blairs, Cleggs, Balls will not release their grip on power without a fight. I say to the young that you will have to fight for your future.

Rant is now over!

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