Thursday, 10 November 2011

The European Union...but can you blame me?

Everyone who has ever passed this blog knows that for over three years I have criticized and denograted the efforts by some leading members of the EU to lead us into the promised land! The EU has corrupted every aspect of our national values and is determined to banish democracy into the wilderness.

Nothing about the EU is democratic. The only people who have any real power are the commissioners and I don't think any of them have been elected. Most of them have been appointed like 'Baroness' Cathy Ashton who picked up a NoLab peerage on her way to being our most important politician despite the fact that none of us have ever voted for her.

So is anyone surprised that the people who have formed this toxic liaison have actually buggered it all up. Greece is bust...there are questions about well...Ireland, Portugal, Spain, France and even the UK!! However the most imminent economy under the spotlight belongs to Italy.

Now let's not mince words...Italy!? Italy is a huge would take an absolute genius to spend Italy into a financial catastrophe! What on earth were the worlds' bankers doing lending Italy and Greece so much money that they would eventually go broke?

It would now appear that every mainstream politician in Western Europe has been an ignorant and irresponsible t**t. All of them have been incapable of responsible government...except Angela Merkel. So why is Germany the only responsible government in western Europe? What is different about Germany? Which country has been behind the EU from the start? Which country has retained a huge manufacturing base? Which country appears to have control of the banks?

You see I just don't believe that all these countries have spent their way into oblivion unless it was engineered. I have always suspected that dirty work inside the EU was afoot and the efforts of Gordon Brown and his NoLab cohorts to ruin our economy backed up my feeling. He knew what he was doing and he also knew that he would not be facing a judge so who was protecting him? Who allows these politicians to spend the wealth of their country so wildly that they end up trillions in debt?

I do not believe that they were all that idiotic so on this scale it must have been a massive conspiracy. I just wonder what the ultimate aim of these people will turn out to be?


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