Monday, 21 November 2011

Where is our party?

I spoke to a friend this afternoon. She is really non political like most of the indigenous population but she is unhappy about the state of the country. She recognised that things should change but like most of us had no idea how it could happen.

Most of us feel helpless to change the system largely because 'The Political Class' have stitched up the electoral system. Every major party have the same values and they conduct an elaborate charade to protect their position. They all support the EU which most of the free thinkers know is dead in the water. It is only a matter of time before it comes crumbling down bringing most western economies with it. Everywhere the people are recognising that they have been 'had'.

So what happens then? Who do we trust? Who can challenge the 'professionals' with their vast revenue sources? Is there anyone in the country who has the leadership potential. the energy, the charisma to rise from ground zero?

The blogosphere has a vast resource. There are so many bloggers who are challenging TPTB but who is coordinating this effort? I believe that we need a coordinator, a leader, a beacon for the rest of us to follow. Surely someone out there can take up the challenge? There are some really major blogs with readership clout but do they want the responsibility?

They are being gassed in Cairo! Can we not show some British courage to match the Egyptians because if we don't we will always have our children cowering in their houses scared to play in the streets! Think about it! 

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