Thursday, 10 November 2011

Poppy Day

We the British people will honour our dead on Sunday. It is part of our culture, something so revered that it has become sacred because almost everyone knows someone who has been killed in the service of this country.

We, the indigenous population, are accutely aware of the importance of 'Remembrance Day' but what about the incomers? Do they recognise that, when on Sunday, a procession of heroes walk past the Cenotaph, what that parade represents? It represents our heritage, our values and our culture. Sunday is OUR day it is the day that nobody can deny.

So step forward the insignificant, pathetic, rabble rousing, pitiful muslims (small letter) who think that they can disrupt us honouring our dead. I cannot think of a Home Secretary in the past what 20 years that has been worthy of the title but at least this one has declared that any disruption of Sunday cannot be tolerated. I just hope that when these characters decided to burn something and shout something then some police officer will step forward and cuff them!

Yeah right! We all know that nothing will happen. It is a disgrace that even our Remembrance Day cannot be respected!

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