Sunday, 19 June 2011

Libya! How can we waste more money?

So now we are bombing women and kids? Do we never learn or should I say do our politicians never learn? If you drop bombs from sky high then the innocent will, sooner or later, get hurt.

Nobody can conduct a military operation from above. The American forces napalmed the hell out of the VietCong and still lost the war. The Nato forces (us!) have entered into this conflict believing that we can change the outcome by bombing Tripoli. It is a cowardly way to behave and always ends in disaster.

Of course the only thing that matters is that the British waste more of the taxpayer's money. A billion here, a billion there what does it matter? The intention is to impoverish the British nation. We are taxed to the hilt and yet so very little is spent on us the public. We know that we are actually a very rich nation. Our taxes are enormous but our politicians have for years squandered our inheritance.

The EU supporting politicians cannot throw our money away any further. They have thought of every possible reason to spend. They are like prostitutes in Bond Street! So let us think... global warming...yep that will cost...mass immigration oh goody...Foreign Aid...yep let's bung the African despots millions and then their wives can be flown by private jet to shop in Paris...can we fund the Indian Space programme...good idea guys...a war in Afghanistan well that could blow a good wad...dropping bombs on Libya...yes great idea we could squander billions on let's see public toilets in Loughborough...what you must be joking...we must cut costs and it is all the fault of the last government!

Are you getting the picture? You are being shafted by the Political Class! They are laughing at you. The mainstream media have conned you into believing that democracy exists in the UK. Believe you me I personally think the the British public are so apathetic and ignorant that they deserve to be shafted but I want this blog to be testimony to my granddaughters that I really tried to make a difference.

I am too old to face the Territorial Support Group (TSG) but one day the young unemployed will have to face them if they want jobs and pensions. The Unions are conning their members because they are fighting the wrong fight. They owe their existence to the EU so they are just pawns in the socialist game. Their officials are all on the take so any strike action will just squander more money.

I began with Libya but I will end with David Cameron. He had so many hopes pinned on him but he is letting everyone down. His wife is an Astor and unfortunately they are major players in the New World Order. I wonder if he was selected to corrupt the Tory party and bin the nationalists because the right wing (nationalist) voice of the Tory party has been silenced. Suddenly they no longer exist. What has happened to the traditional  Tories?

Our mainstream politicians are all in thrall of the  EU. The EU pays extremely well for faithful servants. Look at the sums that the Lords Mandelson, Kinnock and Prescott have creamed off ! It is a scandal but because it pays so well they are all at it. That is why our contribution to the EU is so high and that is why certain Lords will always renege on any attempt to reform our commitment to the EU. Simple innit!  

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100%. Why is everyone so blind to what is happening. According to Burrell, even the queen spoke about the powers that be. And where is Burrell now? There will come a day that freedom to speak will be taken away entirely. Peolple are very asleep on thier watch and thier children will suffer for this negligence and inaction. I definately see what you see.