Monday, 6 June 2011

The European Union

German bean sprouts in E coli test 6/6/11
Cucumber and tomatoes....I don't think so!

It doesn't matter how anyone cuts the cake it is obvious that the officials from the European Union are clearly incompetent and power crazy. The latest food scare illustrates this more clearly than anything I could concoct.

A monumental food scare in Germany was originally blamed on cucumbers and tomatoes from Spain. This has caused real distress to the Spanish farmers because it has since been proven to be untrue. The real cause of this really serious outbreak of food poisoning apparently emanated from beansprouts grown in the Hamburg area! So who blamed the Spanish farmers and caused the destruction of so much food?

I have given up on the British. We deserve all that we get but I suspect the more volatile southern European countires are getting very brassed off with the corruption and lies which condemn them to a life of penury. Countries like Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain must seethe when they hear themselves described as 'PIGS'! They will never get their self respect back until they free themselves of the EU yoke. They have been occupied every bit as much as we were occupied. I am not surprised that their people are taking to the streets.

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