Saturday, 25 June 2011

'Britain got better under Labour' - Ed Miliband

Yes folks he has just stated that 'Britain got better under Labour'. He said it live on SKY news at 12.25pm. I know that he is famed for lacking leadership qualities but this has to take the cake. They left the country drowning in debt, they lost control of our borders and allowed a sub culture to fester in council estates. Many of our inner city areas now resemble Islamabad thanks to Labour.

Social care in every walk of life was allowed to dissipate to such an extent that people who were paid to protect the vulnerable were allowed to devote their efforts to full time union work. The NHS developed super bugs which killed so many people.

Red Ed also stated that the extra police they put on the streets cut crime by 43%! I always knew that he was a politician with no real life experience but he clearly lives on a planet that most of us cannot imagine. This is the man who actually believes he has the ability and charisma to be a future PM. As usual he rambles on in his self styled 'La-La'
land dreaming about another Labour government and once again he could not commit one solitary concrete policy on how he would achieve this aim!

The modern Labour party, which I dubbed 'NoLab' because of the absence of any socialist principle, is led by dreamers and champagne socialists who have the money to allow themselves to play at politics.  They fail to realise just how disgusted the electorate are with their behaviour. By and large they are shameless chancers who still fail to realise that ruining the country was not a great achievement!

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