Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Chris Huhne

Rt Hon Chris Huhne MP

If ever a politician could be called 'dead man walking' it is Chris Huhne. He is being attacked on all sides and he is being particularly threatened by the Sunlight Centre for Open Politics, an organisation closely associated with the arch blogger Guido Fawkes! When Guido gets you in his cross sights then you had better review your future!

He has particularly upset his former wife by leaving her for a lady of dubious principles and he will, I think. inevitably pay the penalty. If you have relied upon your wife to cover up your indiscretions then rule number one is that you don't leave her for a bisexual mistress (allegedly).

Chris Huhne has attached his coat tails to the climate change lobby which almost on a daily basis is being discredited. Every thinking person now realises that the climate change philosophy was directed by the European Union and was deeply flawed. Not even the EU can predict climate! The New World Order attempted to direct billions towards climate change and they will fail. Please remember that Ed Miliband was also one of their most committed disciples but then he would be wouldn't he? 

So now we have Chris Huhne exposed on all fronts. He is disloyal, ill advised and apparently corrupt. He won't resign because once you lose membership of the Political Class then you may as well not exist! You know like you and me!

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