Monday, 6 June 2011

Olympic Tickets ....proof of corruption!

This ticket scam continues to erupt as the eminently unfairness of the Olympic ticket allocation unfolds. Many thousands of the British public who continue to have faith in The Political Class (Ha!) are just beginning to realise that they have been ripped off! The Olympic Games, which should be a celebration of everything British, are beginning to resemble a shabby betrayal of the public.

Today it emerges that those FIFA officials, who have already been discredited, will have the best seats at the Olympics and will rub shoulders with City fat cats and big money corporate sponsors. This is exactly the scenario that I outlined a few days ago. In the rotten, corrupt, world created and inhabited by our Political Class the newly built Olympic Stadium would never be large enough for the armies of Common Purpose recruited scoundrels clamouring to be seen on one of the biggest stages of the world.

I despair of the British! We continually allow these people to extract the urine! In all walks of life we are being trodden on. We are so complacent and trusting and yet our very country which our fathers and grandfathers fought for has been so easily taken from us without a shot being fired. It has become so difficult to comment on our modern society because almost every edition of every newspaper exposes corruption!

It is now everywhere and there is little doubt that we have lost the war on morality.  I cannot think of one mainstream politician who has the guts to challenge the EU supporting Political Class. Everyone has been neutered and silenced so that the British now talk in whispers. Whenever we feel obliged to comment on the excesses of the Political Class we must beware of our company. If we rage about the numbers of foreign faces on our streets we are branded racist. I am beginning to find it difficult to maintain this blog because I am repeating myself.

I am almost ashamed to be British. We will have athletes who have trained for years to represent their country and on that world platform it is unlikely that their parents will be able to watch them. The Olympic Games will eventually demonstrate the power of the Political Class but it will also demonstrate to the public how betrayed we have been. It will be the final proof that our kids are being shortchanged on every aspect of their young lives. They are the ones who must march to regain their country that my generation has sadly neglected.


Anonymous said...

We're not all allowing them to take the proverbial. I personally couldn't give a monkey's arse about the stupid games, and anyone who involves themselves with this kind of politically led corporate crap is almost begging to be shafted. These idiots obviously haven't learned yet - but they will eventually; the hard way.


bryboy said...

Thank you David. I just think that it is such a shame that the Olympic Games which was such a wonderful ideal hae been traduced to travesty by Seb Coe and his political cronies.

Paul said...

I really was interested in tickets for quite a few events like the mountain biking, boxing, the hockey, the women's volleyball...

But when I saw the lottery "system", the potential prices, the "Visa only" payment process, heard about the corporate allocation numbers and then realised I didn't have the sort of money that was required... It all smacked of something rather unsavoury.

Now that I'm hearing about people having applied for hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of pounds worth of tickets, lots of them getting nothing and the "lucky" ones having money withdrawn from their accounts without even knowing what on earth they'll actually be getting, it all sounds like an elaborate con.

I always thought this was supposed to be the people's games, for the British public, but no it's actually for the well-heeled echelons whilst us oiks can stay at home and watch it on our idiot tubes, which now looks like the best option.

Quite frankly, having so much of my hard-earned cash pouring into the pockets of bankers, I refuse to allow a single penny more flowing in the direction of these corrupt bar stewards and, unless there's a revolution or one free ticket for every Brit then I hope Coe and co all faunicate away and expire.