Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Olympic Tickets!

I cannot believe just how badly this has been handled! Before OUR Olympic Games begin Seb Coe and his mates have ruined it for the British public. They could not resist the opportunity to reward all their mates in the New World Order and because of that you and I have been put in our place.

Ther British are having to visit foreign websites to get a fair deal (how the hell did they get the tickets?). OUR Olympics have already been ruined by a greedy and corrupt Political Class. They have done the deals and secured promises of corruption in the future. In their world everyone owes someone and the Olympic Games are of course the most prestigious event in the calendar.

Seb Coe (a peerage for an Olympic victory?) has taken full advantage of this opportunity because he appears to be devious and supports an apparently corrupt process. Why not first come first served? Why not an open website where the quick off the mark could gain an open handed opportunity to gain access to the blue riband event? Why not a national lottery live on the telly?

That gives me an idea! The European lottery gets huge coverage abroad but very little at home. Seb Coe talks about a second round of ticket bids. Why not a national lottery for those tickets? Of course that way he would lose his profit margin and his control of the ticket allocation and heaven forbid a member of the public would enter the Olympic Stadium on a major event without his permission!

I love the Olympics! I believe that to win the Olympic Games is the pinnacle of  achievement. I really hate the random way that ticket allocation has been conducted in this country. This Political Class cannot be honest! It is not in their psyche. They have and are ripping us all off but then what is new. It will get worse. Tales will emerge and those tales will illustrate that the sale of the Olympic tickets for the 2012 Olympics have tainted out games forever! Thanks Seb!

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