Sunday, 26 June 2011

'We never said that it would be short and sharp' - Dr Liam Fox

No you didn't Dr Fox but I have predicted your every move ever since you committed us to yet another war in Libya. On 24 April I warned about 'Mission Creep' and I know this because we are committed to pulling out of Afghanistan (even though we have no chance of winning) and so many, many soldiers have been killed or maimed for nothing!

This is all linked to the EU because that barmy sod Blair was on the Politics Show today and he slipped in a prediction that the war in Libya could be extensive. People must really be aware how these politicians operate. It is never what they say it is always what they don't say but every now and again they slip up. I concentrated very hard on Blair because he is vain and he also warned of a long campaign in Libya.

The UK is a very rich country and it has a large population who are massively overtaxed. Because we are complacent and compliant and won't riot like the Greeks, the French and the Spanish we cop for everything. So we overpay for cars and booze and fags and well almost everything really...which is contrary to what we were told when we voted to join the Common Market!

Now our servicemen are on the front line of every grubby little action that the EU wants to invent. Colonel Ghadaffi has been abusing his people for years but he has oil so in we go gung ho! It is absolutely nothing to do with us! We are not responsible for the rebels in Libya. Someone obviously stirred them up, gave them wads of cash and said 'Go attack the beloved leader'.

The one aspect of British culture that cannot be controlled is patriotism. Patriotism is not open for business. Patriotism is an inner feeling, something which cannot be bought or defined and patriotism is feared by the Political Class because it cannot be controlled. The lads and lasses who wear the uniform and are willing to sacrifice their bodies terrify the Political Class and the Bonus Class because they cannot understand it!

In the end the bankers will not rule over patrotism. That is why our boys and girls are fighting in Afghanistan and will be forced to fight in Libya. They will also be reduced and reduced until there are very few patriots in uniform. Hopefully they will be the first on the streets when the time comes....and it has to come...unfortunately!

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