Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Unions against the Rest of Us!

Gallery France's Unions Strike: France's trade-unions encourage their employees to strike

So here we go again! The Trade Unions who, in this modern world, largely exist on public money are once again trying to bring down the elected government. Once again these political dinosaurs have decided that the only government that they will tolerate is a Labour government. This despite the indisputable fact that the Labour party are unfit to govern and unless we take measures to curb their financial profligacy we will go bust like the Greeks.

Of course they know... and we know that if they carry out their plans to 'strike' us into the ground the only people that will suffer are the know the other words the Paying Class! People like the Camerons, Boris Johnson, Harriet Harman, Nick Clegg, the Milibands or the Blair/Browns will not fear any of this! The only target for these pitifully manipulated socialists will be the weak and vulnerable...the very people who rely on public services.

Keir Hardie would turn in his grave!

They did it in the seventies and eventually failed. They should fail again because the public should turn against these union dinosaurs. Unfortunately the people today are not as politically educated as we were in the seventies and we don't have a Maggie Thatcher within a hundred miles of Westmonster. Nobody today fights for the public so expect the worst!

David Cameron has to wise up! If he doesn't back the unions down then it will prove that he doesn't have the stomach to battle for the public. He has never been a conservative and his leadership is now under the microscope. He won't find the Unions as easy to destroy as Ed Miliband ! The problem is that he supports the EU. The EU is anti Britain and is robbing us blind. Our sole EU commissioner Cathy Ashton, who I will repeat has never had a vote cast for her, is a rabid socialist.

So what will Cameron do? His socialist mates have got him by the short and curlies and the pathetic charade which is PM's Question Time every Wednesday will soon be exposed. The government must be up for the fight which will happen this summer. I suspect that the only people who will suffer are us! After all when EU friends face EU friends who is bound to suffer. This Coalition has done so many U-turns, they have reneged on so many manifesto pledges that British politics has been destroyed.

How can they promise the electorate the earth and then water down every promise. Well now you know what the Political Class are all about! They will not defend you and I. There are fine words that they fed us... remember a 'British Bill of Rights' a 'Bonfire of Quangos' or 'Strong Government'! We are about to see 'strong government' but don't hold your breath.

When every party agrees with every other party we the public do not stand a cat in hell's chance of fairness or justice. But PLEASE don't vote BNP or UKIP or English Democrat because you just might get an opposition in Westmonster! We can't have that can we?

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