Monday, 20 June 2011

Where has all the money gone?

You do have to wonder what has happened to the healthy economies of the Western European countries who were lulled into membership of the European Union? Of course top of the pile is Greece who are actually in such a debt mountain that they will never recover. Most financial experts concede that Greece will never repay their debts.

So what happens now and how did it happen? If Greece goes broke despite the billions that have been pumped into it then who is next? The obvious candidates are Ireland and Portugal closely followed by Spain or Italy and after that then we are next in line! Frankly I suspect that Gordon Brown and Ed Balls left us in such a mess that we are probably closer to bankruptcy than George Osborne wants you to know!

All of these countries had healthy economies before they entered the EU. The public have been robbed blind by a socialist and banking elite who seem to have a plan to change the world. They continue to dream up ways of wasting money (and lives) and if we just hesitate for one minute and forget the hyperbole we should reflect on the cons that successive EU governments have thought up to squander money!

In this country we have been inundated with stupid excuses to spend money. We, are, according to David Cameron, hard up courtesy of the Labour government. That means as far as I am concerned  that we cannot lavish Foreign Aid on African despots. We cannot lavish money on the discredited climate change farce. We have no need to bomb Libya or wage a useless campaign in Afghanistan.

It goes on and on! We need in this country a common sense approach to finance which the public can understand. Our elderly in particular have been abused by successive governments and it is difficult for the public to understand how we can pour cash into politics but never have we real money for the taxpayers.

We are heading into the abyss. If we cannot reverse this trend then in a few months the UK will be the Greece of 2012. We will host and pay for the Olympics but few of us will be able to get tickets to the main events. They are spitting on us but who cares? The British are the most gullible of people and eventually we will pay for it. No, we will not pay for it but our grandchildren will! One day they will hate us for our apathy.


bewick said...

know what Bryboy? I'm quite happy that rich foreigners waste masses of cash to visit the Olympics. I'm not disappointed that I didn't get a ticket because I didn't even apply. There was no way that I would be visiting London and paying over the odds for accommodation let alone the punitive cost of tickets.
Hey I worked in London, the City, for a couple of years or more but my clients paid for the accommodation, the flights/trains, and food - a bit like being an MP except that I didn't finish work on Thursday afternoon and worked 60 hours a week between travel. Yeah sure I was well paid.
Let the foreigners spend the cash. We need it. Me - well I'll see the whole thing (or at least the bits I want to see) on TV.
EU Where did the cash go? Well some at least goes to Mandy,the Kinnocks, Leon Brittan, Paton, and countless other current and former EU apparatchiks.
All sworn to defend the EU or lose their obscene pensions. And many of those are in the HoL so are our legislators. The rest – much is wasted by the obscenely large and unnecessary EU bureaucracy.
Greece? Well the Greeks riot to protect their right to retire at 50 (or is it 55) on full pension. Or at least the public servants. They want the rest of us to pay for their cushy lives. Let them sink would be my judgement. Actually the Greek obsession with their massively generous pension arrangements makes Prentis of Unison look almost respectable.
There. That feels better.

bewick said...

I really should run spell check to correct my mis-types before I post

bewick said...

oops. Looks like, I know not how, my comments have been added to the wrong post. It's been a hard day. OR blogger is, yet again, playing up. Yes it IS Blogger - look at the title.

bewick said...

Now double-checked and it seems that my posts are appearing both here and under you Afghanistan post.
Blogger is a joke.

bryboy said...

Hello Bewick, Sorry not to have responded beforehand...I suddenly spotted four comments! Like you I didn't join in Seb Coe's silly game.I refused to acknowledge his clueless efforts to ensure that his mates got all the best tickets and the public were left with the dross. I agree with you on the Greeks...they have brought this upon themselves through greed.