Friday, 10 June 2011

The 'Pilgrim' Scandal

The Taxpayer's Alliance are exposing a scandal which is ever growing in the public sector. It is the employment of people who although on the staff and paid out of public funds work full time as union officials.

The most famous is Nurse Jane Pilgrim who berated Health Minister Andrew Lansley for his recent proposals when he attempted much needed reforms in the NHS. She is a nurse by trade but works full time as a Trade Union official and WE pay her salary. This is happening everywhere in the public sector and is costing us millions in tax revenue.

I am positive that at the last election many of the voters who voted Conservative did so in the conviction that this type of socialist nonsense would be dismantled by any Tory government. Trade Unions should pay their officials out of the union fees collected from their members. I would go further and insist that their nefarious activities would be conducted in their own time.

In my experience modern Trade Union officials are usually arrogant bullies used to intimidate the work force and harrass management. They have agendas which are tailored towards confrontation and do nothing to enhance productivity. It is high time that the government curb this activity, pull the rug out from under the feet of the Nurse Pilgrims and use public money for public services.

It is, of course, extrememly difficult to confront the Unions and at the same time support the European Union. No wonder the Coalition does so many U-turns. They know what they should be doing but are unable to do it because the wreckers are still in charge of the asylum.

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