Thursday, 2 June 2011

Olympic Tickets!

Seb Coe

Well now you all know! If you do not have the finances to dedicate thousands of pounds to the Lord Coe benefit fund then you will not receive a ticket. If you are a miserable member of the public then you have no chance of gracing a really big event.

If however you are a major company like say, the Thomas Cook travel agency, who have hotels to fill then, well would you believe it, they have thousands of tickets to sell you as long as you sleep in their accommodation!

This is a vast scandal! It is probably the worst example of the Political Class screwing the electorate that we have ever seen! Seb Coe was a great runner but he has also been a cunning politician and I believe he has devised a system which will make him rich belong belief! Once again the public have been conned! Once again the Political Class and the Bonus Class and the Criminal Class have ganged together to shaft the Paying Class!

They disgrace the British bid for the Olympics! They have brought the United Kingdom into disrepute and they have let down the British public for profit. The allocation of Olympic tickets is a shambles so someone is making a very fat profit. Seb Coe may have been a great runner but his legacy will be that of a profiteering scoundrel...what would his father think of him now? 

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