Sunday, 19 June 2011

We used to have a word to describe them...

Lord Kinnock on the Andrew Marr Show
Lord Kinnock
Sir Liam Donaldson

Two stories appeared in the mainstream media this morning which when linked epitomise the deline of the nation and the reasons for it. They also named the leading politicians and public servants who in this age of austerity for the masses continue to ignore the economy and steadfastly drain vast amounts of public money into their own bank accounts.

One headline in the News of the World' screamed '£32 billion Fat Cat Pot' and detailed the pension pots of the top Civil Servants. Now I would not normally admit to reading the NOTW but in this instance everyone is aware that some 'elite' public servants have somehow created pension pots which pillage the public purse. If we the public will have to work longer in the future surely there is a case for the government to sit these people down and talk some sense into them. Most of them have actually presided over the ruination of the nation and contributed to it. They are no friends of ours!

The 'Mail on Sunday' concentrated on the story of how a cabal of peers have defeated any attempt to allow the public a referendum on any further constitutional changes which emanate from the European Union. All of these disgraceful peers apparently still receive huge pensions from the EU to guarantee their loyalty. Once again most of them have been instrumental in handing our sovereignty to the unelected unaudited commissars of the EU. We used to have a word to describe them and in the years after the Second World War it was perceived as an unimaginable crime. Today amongst the Political Class it is almost mandatory.

One thing is will not now change until the public changes it. You will not see the government addressing any of it. I suspect that David Cameron knew that his Europe Bill would flounder in the Lords. He is very good at window dressing but nothing ever changes. So if you want to work all your life with the pensionable age continuing to rise then keep voting for them folks! They just love it!

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