Friday, 24 June 2011

Milly Dowler - yet another police apology!

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The conduct of the police and the court authorities in this high profile and distressing case has been nothing short of disgraceful. Her family have been put through the wringer by the defence counsel who should feel ashamed of his conduct. He should also be severely reprimanded In this country the victims are continually being harrassed and they must put their lives on hold to get justice.

Once again the police have been shown to have been culpable and frankly incompetent. Once again they have issued an apology. Personally I am sick of them apologising. I want them to do their job and if they can't (and too often they can't) then they should be sacked. The problem is that the modern police force had been politicised and clearly this has affected competence. If the system becomes corrupt then effectiveness is flawed.

The useless coppers know that most of them will be protected as long as they don't rock the boat. Levi Bellfield should have been caught months before but as usual the criminal was given the benefit of the doubt (no doubt he was also called 'mate').

Milly Dowler will always be remembered by her family but she will be remembered by the rest of us for judicial incompetence.  Just remember however, you voted for the people who appointed most of them so you share the blame!


NewsboyCap said...

Never a truer word spoken/written, we all need to take a good long look in the mirror. We are all to blame for the state of this once proud nation. We sit back and watch as it falls apart around us. We elect career minded politico's who do not care for us or our future generations, it's just a game to them. There is money to be made and positions of authority to be sought.Yet what can be done? The police are the armed enforcers, the judiciary it's lackey's and most of us are asleep, oblivious to the corruption and fraud surrounding us.
Someone must have a thought,an idea that will spark us into life, that will arouse us from our slumber. Or maybe this is how it is meant to be, and the likes of you and I have just got it WRONG!

NewsboyCap said...

One other thing. We aren't allowed GUNS any more.
But we are allowed Bows and Arrows, perhaps we could remove the Political Class one by one, one arrow at a time.
Just a thought....Maybe.