Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Peter Davies-Mayor of Doncaster!

Peter Davies Mayor of Doncaster

This man is Peter Davies and he is the elected mayor of Doncaster. He is as far as I know the only elected politician in England who is not a member of the Westmonster parties. He is an English Democrat!

Shock! Horror! Is he really not a member of the establishment? Shock! Horror! How did that happen? Well the citizens of Doncaster were so sick of the NoLab sleaze that they took a punt! They decided to elect a guy outside of the Political Class as their mayor. Wow! Guess what? He saves the taxpayers money...against all trends he cut his personal salary to what is reasonable.

He binned the council magazine! He wants a reduction in councillors and reckons that if 100 senators can run the United States them why does Doncaster need 63 councillors (and why does the UK need 650?!)

He has binned Twinning, rejected his chauffeur driven car and banned the sexual transgender/lesbian/gay movements in favour of children's services. Are the mainstream media trumpeting the achievements of this mayor who wants what is best for his public? You can bet your life they don't! Hell who wants a mayor who represents the public?

You must all learn the lesson. Stop being scared of voting for minority parties. If you want democracy then vote BNP, UKIP or English Democrats. Hell you can't get worse than you have got!  One man in Doncaster has shown you what life could really be like.

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I am passionate about my opposition to the 'Great Satan'...the European Union... so for heaven's sake oppose it! Vote against it! Vote for anyone who, like Peter Davies, will give you a better life. The lives of your children depend upon it. The Political Class have let everyone down. They are useless so why don't you support the minor parties?

You don't support them because the mainstream media control your thoughts. They dominate your brain. You are directed that it is only possible to vote Con/Lab/Lib because they are the only parties who can form a government. Look what we got? We escaped from the worst government ever in the history of this country and we inherited the Coalition who cannot agree about anything.

All these politicians are in thrall to the EU...that means that they have been corrupted. The EU as I will never cease to remind everyone is an unelected, unaudited scam that has been hoist on us by an unscrupulous Political Class hellbent on supporting a Banking Class that rules the world. Please read the history of the Rothschilds and then see how they operate. Compare that with how the EU operates today.

I salute Peter Davies who exposes the Political Class and my hat tip is to Michael and Jane who passed me the feed!

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Roland said...

After loads of publicity when first elected, I can't find updates on what his superb actions have achieved. Surely there must be real £ savings across his budget. Where can we get facts and figures? I'm a huge fan.