Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Afghanistan so why were we there?

Afghanistan War Casualties

Today it has been announced that we will withdraw from Afghanistan and President Obama is predicting that the American forces will also withdraw according to a timeline. What the hell is going on? We are at war ...we either win or we don't. This is not a computer game because too many families in this country have lost loved ones. Even worse so many have been the cream of the crop!

How can they decide on a date to end the Afghan war? We have lost so many good men! Does this mean, as I blogged so many months ago, that this war was contrived to keep the army out of the UK? (Dr) John Reid who originally sent our troops into Afghanistan with his infamous statement 'In and out without a a shot being fired' should now be held to account.

The Political Class who willy nilly sacrifice the lives of British soldiers are moving on. They realise that the Afghan war cannot be won so they are moving onto Libya. All the time they are reducing our armed forces because the EU ( our political masters) know that the British army is a threat to their ultimate domination.

Believe you me the British Army is our final weapon. Anyone who signs up to the colours in this day and age is a patriot. A patriot is the antipathy of our Political Class. They really fear British patriots because these are the people who love their country and are prepared to die for their country. Hell they don't want people like that!

So I find it repugnant that our PM can predict the timeframe for our withdrawal. I also find it repugnant that President Obama can follow up with his own plans for withdrawal. Have we fought this war for a reason? Have we fought this war to defeat the Taliban/Al Quadia/local insurgents/tribesmen or what? Have they ever defined the opposition and how come we can drop bombs on them/ use heavy artillery on them/ or push our best troops against them and not make a dent in their armoury?

I am sorry but we have lost too many brave men who must be honoured before we pull out in ignominy. We cannot pull out without a result. Too many of our troops have lost their lives to support what appears to be a lost cause. This Political Class have no shame so it is no surprise that when they called for voluntary redundacy in the British Army they got double the volunteers!  

Come home guys and fight on your own streets. We will soon need all the patriots that we can muster!


GrumpyRN said...

Britain got thumped in Afghanistan in the 19th Century, the Russians got thumped in the 20th Century and we have gone back for another go in the 21st Century. When will we ever learn.
However, I don't think you really want the troops fighting on the streets of Britain do you? We will end up with a situation like Libya or Bahrain where troops are shooting their own countrymen. And having had discussions with ex-servicemen you and I both know that that is what would happen. I give you Northern Ireland in the 1970's. The British soldier is too well disciplined to disobey an order and there would be an awful lot of bloodshed.

Anonymous said...

Obama, 30,000 troops out.
Sarkozy's Office, out by 2014.
Cameron and Hague, we will stay until the job is done, and BTW Cameron - you do the lying, the troops do the dying.

bryboy said...

Hello GRN, I may have worded that badly. I don't think that those in uniform would ever fire on their own people. They may be disciplined but our lads can also think for themselves. I believe that eventually we will have to fight to regain our country from the politicians and the EU. Those with training would be best placed to lead the fight. If it does come to a physical scrap then we will need every patriot we can muster. Tks for your contribution.

Hi Anon, I may well use your catchphrase in the future tks!