Sunday, 12 June 2011

Like ferrets in a sack....!

 Ed and David Miliband on stage in Manchester

Most people concede that Politics can and is a very dirty game. You will not get a more duplicitous crowd than those that walk the corridors of power in Westmonster. I will wager that there are more skeletons rattling around in those corridors than anywhere else on planet Earth.

Taking that into consideration can one imagine the atmosphere in the Miliband households?  Both brothers are career politicians who are so far removed from reality that they both come across as 'weird'. Their father had a dubious background and ensured that both his sons were introduced to the'gravy train' early in life. It culminated when the younger brother, with vast union support, pipped his elder brother to the 'coveted' role of leader of the Labour Party.

Now in political history there cannot be a more perilous position! The NoLab politicians are famed for their disloyalty, their internal plotting and their bullying. It is therefore no surprise that today's mainstream media is rife with reports that the Labour leadership is once again in meltdown over the poor performance of their leader.

Ed Miliband is a poor leader. He gets humiliated every week by David Cameron at PM's Question Time and whenever he speaks he concentrates on gobbledegook. He has a marvellous ability to speak for long periods in platitudes. He talks and talks but never says anything of consequence. Since he arrived on the top platform I have never heard him declare one concrete policy. He is the leader of the Labour Party which supposedly represents the working class (Ha!) and even in this period of false austerity (you know we cannot afford libraries and public toilets but it is OK to throw money at Pakistan and India and bomb Libya!) Ed Miliband cannot come up with a single concrete policy to assist the elderly, the vulnerable or the poor! He is a disgrace!

I was always told that to succeed you must surround yourself with people of proven ability. Ed hasn't learned that lesson. The Labour front bench is filled with failure. They are all tainted by the Blair/Brown years of false harmony. They will never learn and the public can see it. Ed Miliband will eventually be stabbed in the back but then what? The Labour party thrives on deceit and lies. They will never rid themselves of their inclination to plot and therefore they will never be fit to govern again.


Maverick said...

Unfortunately this article applies to all of the big parties in the UK. The majority of the MP's are simply out to grab as much as they can for themselves and to f*** with the electorate scum that votes them in.

All you hear is rhetoric and fancy words .. !!

bryboy said...

Tks for your interest Maverick. We all agree apart from how do we get the kids on the streets to fight fot their future. In my opinion we have let them down and we must stop drawing our pensions and fight the EU driven politics!