Thursday, 16 June 2011


I have posted 21 times on the subject of Libya because I believed from the onset that our involvement in matters which should not concern us was a reckless waste of time and money. There are many tyrants on the continent of Africa and most of them receive Foreign Aid from Britain which allows them to boost their personal fortune and build a military force to subjugate the people.

Now according to the mainstream media we only have 90 days funding left with which to ensure that Colonel Ghadaffi is removed. Apparently we have just spent £1 billion and achieved nothing! He is still in charge of half the country and seems to be far from defeated. It is clear that, unless his own people in Tripoli decided to get rid of him, then it would take a massive ground force to defeat him.

So what now? Do we quietly just crawl away and admit defeat? Do we waste further cash dropping bombs on him? Do we commit a ground force? When the 90 days are up and we are skint (again) will we then watch as his government troops retake Benghazi with all the venom that can muster?

It has the potential for a really sorry mess but what can you expect of politicians who have long since lost their moral compass. I still don't know why they decided on regime change in Libya but once you get involved you must win. Clearly the whole operation now appears to be intent on wasting British money on a large scale. Someone somewhere (the EU?) is trying to ruin the British as a nation and a lot of our politicians are giving them a helping hand.


Jacobite said...

I read somewhere recently that the reason he is still there is because he has 100tons of gold in the bank vault which enables him to pay his army in gold. Nothing will change until the gold runs out.

Anonymous said...

British has no interest in Libya, however if UK don't dance to US tune, then the IRA will get more funding from US and Obama start talking about Falklands. UK have to look back, how UK economy was strong before WWII, The welfare system and invented by the Labour party are killing business incentives and work ethic. The Government must stop paying unemployment benefit, stop paying immigrant benefit. Britain need to be rich to be Great.

bryboy said...

Yes there are always wheels within wheels. I agree that benefits should cease apart from the genuinely needy. The problem is that only the policies of the BNP would ever take the hard stance necessary to bring this country back from the brink. The public have been educated to reject nationalist policies. Tks for your interst guys!