Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Foreign Aid - the Truth!

Saving Lives Mr Cameron?

President Museveni of Uganda

Today at PM's Question Time David Cameron once again defended his lunatic foreign aid policy claiming that it saved lives when most of the public believe that it keeps foreign despots in luxury. It was therefore no surprise to read a featured letter in the Daily Mail from Sam Akaki of the organisation 'Democratic Institutions for Poverty Reduction in Africa'.

Mr Akaki stripped bare the PM's claims by revealing that President Museveni of Uganda had diverted £30 million of British Aid to purchase a Gulfstream G550 private plane. He also detailed the monstrous behaviour of this tyrant towards his own people. The letter poignantly ended with an apology to the British people which reads as follows, 'I who was born in Uganda have decided to apologise to  present and future generations of British people who are making sacrifices so Museveni can live in luxury - because no British official will do so."

Does it not make you utterly sick of our Political Class? They are largely rotten to the core and care not a jot for the British public. They demonstrate it on a daily basis and will continue until people begin to march and threaten them.

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bewick said...

subject close to my heart Bryboy. I think it has long been true that Foreign Aid achieved little if anything.
Take Gaza for example. 1948 - 250,000 "refugees". After 63 years of lavish aid there are now 1.25m or is it 1.5m "refugees". They certainly breed well for "starving people".They have a "terrible" unemployment rate of 46%. Actually that is rather lower than the unemployment rate amongst many more UK Muslims according to the ONS! The other 64% in Gaxa seem to live rather well.
Sadly the same is true everywhere where the "starving" are given unlimited aid. The population, and the problem, just increases. Even after the lion's share of aid has been diverted by despots or stolen (as in Gaza).
I no longer donate to Oxfam for this reason PLUS the fact that only 5p of every £1 donated actually gets distributed as aid or projects.
I've stopped my annual donation to WWF for a similar reason plus the fact that they've joined the "global warming" con having forgotten their prime purpose.They, and most charities, spend most of my money demanding more.
Unfortunately I have no such choice with my tax!!!
At least we are now about to stop funding the Indian Space Programme or Indian warships. Would that we'd also cut all aid to Pakistan.