Saturday, 5 June 2010

Will there be Justice for Professor David Kelly?

There are rumours in the mainstream media that the coalition is planning an enquiry into the death of the weapons inspector Professor David Kelly. His death was pronounced as suicide by one Lord Hutton despite grave doubts about his judgement and some even suggesting that the method of his suicide was almost impossible.

Norman Baker MP has written a book casting great scepticism about the death and venturing to suggest that it was murder. A group of medical people have been trying to reexamine the official documents that Lord Hutton incredibly mothballed for seventy years (presumably so that nobody could challenge his verdict!),

In amongst the many foul deeds perpetrated by the Blair/Campbell government I still believe that this was the nadir. They hounded this public servant unmercifully until he lost his life. The point is how did he lose it? They certainly wanted to shut him up because he was the one man who had the information that Blair/Bush did not want leaked into the public domain. If what he had told the journalist Andrew Gilligan was true then the Blair case for war was irrevocably damaged.

Subsequently we all now know how low Blair can actually sink but back then it was difficult to believe that A British Prime Minister would behave like a treacherous backstabber. I therefore can only hope that this whitewash of an enquiry will be replayed and this time a decent and honourable person will peruse the evidence and return some honour to David Kelly and his family.

Perhaps then we can then pursue anyone found guilty of a cover up and bring them to justice. I still cannot believe that Blair has so far escaped charges of being a war criminal. I still remember his speeches in the House of Commons urging us to war knowing all the time that the evidence was flawed and that he was lying to Parliament. When you are up to your neck that deep then in desperation you will sanction any crime imaginable.

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