Sunday, 20 June 2010

The World Cup in South Africa

It's Father's Day, so before I depart to be 'entertained' by my grandchildren I will endeavour to drop a bit of advice into Fabio's ear. DROP FRANK LAMPARD!! Leave the back four alone Upson or Dawson can still do a job! Gareth Barry is essential as he showed against Algeria. In front of him the problem starts because Rooney is lost. It is quite clear that he is uncomfortable with his position.

So bring in Peter Crouch and pair him with Heskey. That pair would terrify most defences in the air and Crouch is no mean player on the ground either. Move Rooney back where he can do the most damage behind the front two and put Joe Cole and Stevie Gerrard on either eide of him (it doesn't matter whether those two play right of left)!

Now we have four world class players bossing midfield and I would defy anyone to defeat them. Forget the obsession with pace and play people who can pass and cross a ball. Get Rooney involved and then he might show the passion which Carlos Tevez shows in every game

There you go Fabio and it was all for free! Just go out and win the World CUP!!

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