Thursday, 17 June 2010

The Economy yet again!

We are now discovering the full extent of New Labour profligacy. They were intending to continue to spend money which they did not have until the whole country collapsed in a mountain of debt. They had millions of pounds worth of projects lined up in their own heartlands to buy votes but in effect they knew that they would lose the election so they were attempting to drown the country in debt so that no other party could govern.

We have elected an alternative government just in time. If we had continued with a Brown/Darling/Harman/Milliband/Balls axis then the country would have been frankly bankrupt. They were clueless but they also know how to con the public...already they are attacking the coalition not to increase unemployment knowing full well that their policies would have destroyed the country. Unemployment for some in the bloated public sector is inevitable.

I still believe that the frontline NoLab politicians should be hauled in front of a court of law and made to explain why they, for thirteen years, ruined our economy. Let's be honest Gordon Brown inherited a good financial position and set out to ruin us. His marxist policies intentionally destroyed the financial position of the country. He spent money that he knew he didn't have until such time that he had to print money to keep up with his spending.

This is Britain for heaven's sake! Our population is taxed to the hilt! We are a very rich economy...only a total madman could bankrupt us. It is frankly almost impossible to ruin our economy unless you wanted to do it. I have blogged relentlessly on this because I believe that there is an agenda adopted by NoLab which we, the citizens of the UK, could/would never believe.

We will never accept or believe that a government elected by us could ever set out to destroy our economy. In my opinion this NoLab government tried to drive us into
the ground. They deliberately set out to destroy the economy and their last minute spending plans which they knew that they could not afford proves it.

I believe that the Coalition is our 'Get of our Jail' free card. Hopefully the people who still vote Labour because their Dad did will eventually grow up!

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