Sunday, 27 June 2010

The World Cup in South Africa

Well I did give him some advice but Fabio Capello ignored me and now we are out of the World Cup. Do you know I don't mind losing, if you play or follow sport there always has to be losers, but it was the manner of how we lost that disappointed me. I don't know what was or is wrong with this squad but mentally they weere unprepared for this very important game.

Organisation in football particularly in defence is elementary. All the international teams today have their defence organised and that is why goals are so difficult to come by in modern international football. Sometimes this afternoon I could not believe the naivety of Terry and Upson. They were hopeless and the Germans had chances for many more goals. Even after he scored I thought that Fabio should replace Upson with Ledley King. We needed someone who could come on and sort out the shambles.

When we needed a goal he selected Heskey and Crouch never got a look in despite his impressive goal per game ratio. I just do not understand how a renowned coach could get it all wrong when he needed to get it all right. I take no joy in predicting that if Capello did not sacrifice one or two of his sacred cows then we would go out. I don't know if there is anything physically wrong with Rooney but the player we all know never arrived in South Africa and should have been subbed.

I suspect that we are yet again back to square one and that players once dubbed the 'golden generation' will never be allowed to forget this abject performance. As for Capello I must say enough is enough. We MUST have an Englishman in charge and he must have a proven track record. I would still give 'Arri' Redknapp the job but would he want it?

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