Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The Labour Leadership Contest...

They are all debating tonight but can we hear one radical proposal? Can we hear anything that would benefit the working class? Every person on the NoLab platform has no idea what it is like to be working class. They have no idea how their policies of the past thirteen years have affected the very people who they claim to represent.

As I write that absolute prat David Milliband is talking bollocks. Now his brother is also talking bollocks! I am sorry but they were all responsible for the horrendous
state of the economy.

This whole charade is a nonsense! They are all so nakedly ambitious that it is almost obscene. Not one of them is talking about real people. Not one of them is even thinking about people on the lowest rung of the ladder. Not a word about care for the elderly about pensions or about welfare.

Make no mistake the horrendous future for those of us who are getting older is ...er not nice. I meet with my mates and we all fear old age. We have paid into the system all of our lives and yet ... only Andy Burnham has addressed this problem.

Why is it that people who have paid into the system are now left vulnerable? Why are local councils routinely closing down care homes? Why are those honest citizens who have never cheated anyone, who have always paid their dues but who now find themselves alone, unsupported and ignored have to fend for themselves in their old age alone and defenceless.

It is a disgrace and typical of New Labour (particularly the Millipedes and Balls) that they are more interested in themselves than their supporters. I must confess how anyone can support this bunch of narcisists is beyond me.

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