Monday, 28 June 2010

The Labour Leadershiship Contest...

Having seen Ed Miliband twice in two days starring on BBC TV blethering about 'fairness' and refusing to answer straight forward questions I return rather reluctantly to the Labour leadership contest. I say reluctantly because none of the candidates have ever apologised to the British public for allowing their former leader Gordon Brown to ruin the British economy.

Neither have they apologised for the rampant immigration which they allowed to happen, or the politicisation of the police and the civil service. They have never apologised for the Iraq War, the raids on the national pensions fund, the sale of gold reserves at rock bottom prices and the broken promise of a referendum on membership of the European Union.

They have never apologised for negligence where the banking system was concerned, the shocking state of the NHS hospitals where super bugs were allowed to multiply whilst those in charge grew rich on their negligence. They never apologised for the scandalous give away of exam grades and the wasted university places which leave students with mountainous debt Need I go on and on and on?

Sorry folks they should not be standing for a leadership contest, most of them should be in jail!!

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