Thursday, 3 June 2010

Foreign Aid!

Tonight on Newsnight our Foreign Aid policy is being discussed! At long last someone is deliberating the extraordinary wastage of public finance. Now you will not believe this but we are apparently giving aid to North Korea for heaven's sake. I also believe that we have continually supported Robert Mugabe.

Our foreign aid policy must come under review because frankly it is a relic of our colonial past. Let us be clear our Foreign Aid policy is actually a 'bribe'. We are bribing these countries to support the UK and nobody will monitor where the money goes.

I have blogged continually that we must review our Foreign Aid programme because frankly it is not being used as it was originally intended. We cannot continually give taxpayer's money to rogue governments. We should not give taxpayer's money to states who are so wealthy that they have space programmes!

We are no longer a world influence because Gorgon Brown and Alistair Darling have destroyed our economy. What is left of our economy should be used to support our own indigenous citizens. Our politicians have impoverished the very people who have supported the tax system for their whole lives. They are now left to watch people who have utterly no loyalty to this country and have nothing to contribute pick up sums of money which our pensioners could never dream of!

It is an utter disgrace and should be immediately reversed. Our contributing pensioners should have their pensions increased immediately and the 'incomers' should face reality. These people who are described as economic migrants should survive on the same sums allocated to the pensioners.

It is time that we looked after our own and made the 'incomer' earn their entrance. If they are worthy and friends of mine are, then they should be supported but not more than the pensioners who have been the backbone of the welfare system which has sustained the nation for years. Gorgon Brown and Alistair Darling, you know the good old Marxist supporters have now destroyed everything that we held dear so I hope that the new coalition will try to reverse trends.

Time will tell and then we will know more!

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