Saturday, 26 June 2010

The World Cup in South Africa

Well tomorrow will tell the tale! Once again we are against our traditional rivals the 'Jermaaans' who we all know bombed our chip shops! The press seem to focus on the bad aspects of this rivalry but there are very many positive aspects to this game tomorrow.

We are playing European rivals and we know how they play. The German team are generally young and at this level they are inexperienced where all of our lads can play at this level. That does not make them easy. German teams are never easy but what amazes me is that the German press think that we will be easy. I hope that Fabio will have the translations of the German press festooned around the dressing room.

I believe that we will win. I have to believe that. Failure at this level is not an option. Tomorrow will be another nail biting 90 minutes and let us hope that Andy Murray has set the precedent... because he is on a mission.

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