Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Israel against everyone else!

Today on the radio I listened to a former Royal Navy officer describing how it was legitimate for navies all over the world to board ships in international waters as long as certain conventions are upheld. On the surface it would appear that the Israeli Commandos upheld those conventions until they had no option but to defend themselves.

The pictures showing their men being violently assaulted and in at least one case being thrown overboard tend to suggest that, although some of the people believed that this was a legitimate convoy delivering aid to Palestine, there were others who thought that they needed to respond with extreme violence to the entrance of the Israeli Commandos.

If this was a legitimate convoy why did they react like that? If they are peace campaigners, like we are led to believe, why did they attack the Israelis as they descended on their ropes. I accept that tensions run high particularly between these people but I suspect that a propaganda coup was underway.

Today I read a comment on one of the blogs which sums up the whole situation. If the Palestinians lay down their arms then there would be peace in the Middle East but if the Israelis lay down their arms they will be wiped out! That folks is the bottom line... if you know that your family is at risk then you will react accordingly. The BBC has once again compromised its neutrality but really what is new?

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