Monday, 28 June 2010


This is the height of summer in the UK and for me and my friends it means lawn bowls. Bowls for people like me and my friends is ideal because it is social and gently physical. We can all bowl as long as we are fortunate enough to have a level of fitness and it is competitive. For example we have a number of people bowling who are recovering from heart attacks and some of them are really good.

It is also quite political. Most of us old codgers have a degree of experience to bring to the table particularly where meetings, speeches and protocol are concerned. For example in my particular club we have a selection committee who are more concerned about their own personal position than the club. They continually look after themselves and their mates rather than the development of the club. It is a real shame because the Captain is actually doing a good job. He doesn't appear to be able to curb the natural instincts of the other two members of the selection committee.

You will gather by now that I am using this blog to put forward a point of view because it is my blog and I am the sole arbiter. That is the beauty of a blog. Whilst I am at it ...we could do with some measure of control at our meetings! The President is in charge of the meeting not the Secretary!

And by the way the secretary is the best that we have had for many, many years!! Local issues are now over folks.

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