Thursday, 24 June 2010

The mood swing in the country....

It is quite amazing how the mood swing in the country has altered since the General Election. Since Jonah McDoom (as he is mischievously referred to on some blogs) was forced to call an election everything appears to have changed.

The England football team is in the last sixteen in the World Cup. The cricket team have won the World 20/20 and have just beaten the Aussies at the one day game. The England rugby team have also beated the Aussies in Australia. Our athletes finished second behind Russia in the European team cup recording a number of notable victories in the process and lawdy, lawdy Andy Murray is beginning to look like his old self again at Wimbledon.

All the bad luck brought upon by good luck telegrams, personal support and visits to Number Ten where Jonah could reflect the glory achieved by everyone else bar himself seems to have evaporated.

We appear to be re-emerging as a nation that has thrown off the yoke of the Blair/Brown/Mandelsson/Campbell years. In the meantime where is Jonah himself? The leading blogger Guido Fawkes has been campaigning by alerting everyone that Gorgon Brown signed on at Westminster for the money and has not been seen since. He was reelected by the people of Kirkcaldy and since then he has effectively disenfranchised his electorate. OK I know it serves them right but this is the man who has been banging on about 'fairness for all' for how many years?

He is and always has been a charlatan. Everything that I have blogged about him in the past two years has been proven. He will be consigned to history as the worst Prime Minister ever and if the rumours of mental health problems are ever substantiated then it only serves us right.

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