Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Budget

George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, is barely into the meat of his Budget Statement and already I detect a steely resolve to reverse the trend of thirteen years of havoc and waste. Some people in the coalition government have really done their homework and I can foresee a real change in the demographics of the country.

He appears to be going out of his way to be fair to the lower paid but has little sympathy for the workshy. At long last we are getting policies aimed at assisting business. At long last we have policies not crafted by political expediency. In fact at long last we are getting policies! At long last I see a future for my grandchildren and I feel like I have just escaped from a very long prison sentence.

My goodness he has actually looked after the pensioners. After thirteen years of pensioners living in abject poverty he has relinked pensions with earnings. No wonder the rows of NoLab MPs are looking grimfaced. Their approach to the poorest in our society is making them shamefaced and so they should be.

Harriet Harman is now doing the impossible. She is trying to attack the government from a position which is untenable. She is sounding and looking ridiculous simply because she was a main player in the previous discredited administration which left us with so much national debt.

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