Monday, 7 June 2010

Can we ever forgive New Labour for this mess?

Now that David Cameron is telling us the truth about the New Labour Project which I have been blogging about for the past two years, is it not about time that we begin to examine the aims of the New Labour Project which has left us almost bankrupt.

I realise that the ultimate aim must be to build a better society for the children in say 2025 but come on are we, will we, never target the architects of this huge budget deficit? It is incredible that Gorgon Brown is walking away from this national disaster. Has anyone noticed that he has not been seen anywhere near Parliament even though he was re-elected by the barmy citizens of Kirkcaldy.

This man has intentionally ruined our economy! He has created a culture which only a Soviet leader could dream of. His ambitions for the country were nil, his vision for the country did not exist but his hatred of anything British shone through like a beacon!

We must never let him away with his betrayal. It amazes me that the New Labour leadership contest continues to attract the attention of the BBC and the mainstream media. They are forgotten, unforgiven, futile prats who slavishly allowed Gorgon to ruin the country. David Milliband who cowardly backed off a leadership challenge to a man who clearly was ruining the country and Ed, his brother, who laughingly joined the Climate Change credit scheme lobby even though they have long since been accused of yet another scam.

That leaves Ed Balls....yeah right!


David Milliband does not think that his party has ruined the economy! Can you really believe that? No wonder this idiot was caught waving a banana at a camera!

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