Wednesday, 9 June 2010

PM's Question Time...back at last!

I have just witnessed a huge culture change in Westmonster by the re-establishment of Prime Minister's Question Time. After thirteen years of Punch and Judy politics, NoLab MP's howling down opposition speakers and general rabble rousing today we actually saw a Prime Minster answering questions.

The questions from the NoLab opposition were generally inane as the answer so often had to be 'you had thirteen years to do that' and one even asked if the PM could ensure that mainline rail services would stop at Motherwell but the sharp, incisive manner in which the Coalition MPs are settling into their roles was commendable.

There is a new atmosphere at Westmonster. There is a sense of purpose. There are ideas and energy. Looking at the tired and discredited faces on the opposition benches it is now all too clear how deeply flawed they all were.

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