Friday, 4 June 2010

The Police...time for a Change!

I think that one of the most urgent projects that the coalition must undertake must be to reform the Police. They have become a law unto themselves and are now a political force when they should be a force to uphold the law. All too often victims of crime feel cheated by the forces of justice. All too often criminals are allowed to join a cosy club which protects them from the full force of justice.

What prisons that we have are much too comfortable. Most of the inmates could never expect the standard of living that they enjoy when in prison if they remained lawful. It is ridiculous because there must be a real temptation to reoffend just to enjoy the luxuries of prison life. There has to be a balance between punishment and human rights.

In addition the recent case of the Holbrook, Derbyshire, murders underlines that the priorities of our police forces must be revisited. Apparently the murderer had been arrested twice, he was known to have mental health problems, he had continually threatened his ex partner and yet these plonkers let him out to murder her! How can we accept that? What kind of logic allows a decision like that? It is nonsense and should be punished.

The Cameron/Clegg project has a big problem here. The public have quite rightly lost confidence in the Police and mainly in the politically correct Chief Constables who were accelerated into their positions by the New Labour Project. New priorities must be established and those who can't live with them should be replaced.

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