Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Diane Abbott makes the starting line!

The race for the NoLab leadership hardly merits a mention because they are all so poor that frankly it is an irrelevance... until now because Diane Abbott at the very last moment has found sufficient backers to take her place on the starting line.

Now I think that this could shake things up a bit. She is the only one of the candidates not tarnished by the disgraceful Gorgon Brown/Tony Bliar cabinets. I suspect that she sat at the back doing her latenight stints with Andrew Reid and Michael Portillo on the TV political programme waiting for an opportunity. Now it has come and she is the only person on the starting lineup who could plead for a new start for the Labour Party.

If she advocates an end to New Labour and a return to Socialist values she might just see off the Millipedes and even with Union support I cannot see the thoroughly discredited and frankly embarrassing Ed Balls winning. If he does then they have no chance of being elected in the foreseeable future.

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