Sunday, 20 June 2010

The Public Finances

As we wait in trepidation for Tuesday's budget I just hope that the Chancellor concentrates on those who have hugely profited from what I term unfair wealth. When job cuts arrive I hope that they focus on those who have milked the system. It would be very unfair to sack people at the lower end of the scale, those people who desperately need their jobs in the public sector.

In my experience the wastage was always further up the line, the very people who benefitted from the bonus culture which disgraces the public sector. I don't know who or when it was introduced but it was never right that public service workers could earn huge bonusses. If you want to earn a large bonus then you should take the risk of the private sector.

I also hope that he tackles the banking system which of course nearly brought the country to its knees. I didn't vote for my money to be used to prop up banks who had behaved disgracefully. I can understand why it had to be done but then to hear that these same bankers who were bailed out by us the taxpayer immediately returned to their millionaire bonus culture made my blood boil. I just hope that George Osbourne finds a way to ensure that their profits now help the country in our time of need instead of just rewarding greedy bankers who are lucky to still have a bank!

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