Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The Saville Report

Has there ever been a greater waste of money? This event happened in 1971 and now nearly forty years later pensioners face the prospect of convictions. This is spite and a vindictive revenge by former catholic politicians who see a chance to claim compensation and justify their vile acts.

So let me try to redress the balance just a little. Who will be punished for the torture and death of Captain Nairac in South Armagh? Who will be brought into court for blowing up paras also in South Armagh? How many murders, killings and tortures did the IRA perpetrate during the troubles. Were they not led by McGuinness the current Northern Ireland Education Minister.

Martin McGuiness apparently led a violent, murderous, unprincipled bunch of bastards who were seen live on television capturing and torturing two Royal Signals technicians who inadvertently strayed into an IRA funeral. When will he be brought to book for that atrocity?

Why is this only a one way process? What is wrong with us? If British troops can be persecuted for crimes committed in a war environment then why cannot McGuinness and Gerry Adams be retrospectively charged with war crimes. Make no mistake folks this pair were apparently so guilty of atrocities attributed to the IRA that they have absolutely no right to any legitimacy.

Their 'boys' committed horrendous acts of torture. Just remember that 'kneecapping' originated in Northern Ireland sanctioned by the very politicians who are today celebrating a victory through the Saville Report. I must record an interest. I was one of those soldiers in the seventies and eighties who had to witness the absolute cruelty of the people led by McGuiness and Adams. I tell you now that they were utterly ruthless.

Today you see Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams as legitimate politicians but I remember these fiends as people who would commit any atrocity to further their political ambitions. If Saville wants to really waste millions of taxpayers money then he should get stuck into McGuinness and Adams. Wow that could cost billions!!!

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