Monday, 14 June 2010

The World Cup in South Africa

Hm that damned noise is doing my head in but ... I suppose noise is noise! Already we are discovering that there may be a new world order and I suspect that some of the old guard may not be able to march through the qualifying rounds like they could.
The team that will win needs to be well organised and above all respectful of the opposition. One can no longer disregard teams like Japan and South Korea. They are technically very bright which brings me back to England.

We have very few of our multi millionaires who can actually control and pass a ball. They are largely athletes who are physically strong but are limited on the ball. We lose possession far too often, far too easily. So how can we improve? Fabio arrived with a reputation of fairness and has like all the others succumbed to the English press.

In my opinion Gareth Barry is one of our few footballers and if he has recovered he should start against Algeria on Friday. That means the Gerrard/Lampard axis should thankfully be split up. I know that this is heresay but I would 'rest' Frank Lampard.
Gerrard is always up for it but Frank drifts in and out of the game. Joe Cole has to be brought back into the game and in my opinion at the expense of Lennon who has speed but little end product. Oh for Adam Johnson!

At the back Jamie Carragher is too slow. He will be caught out when the games step up a gear. I just wish Fabio had given Michael Dawson a pre World Cup game because he might need him before this is all over. After watching the Slovenia/Algeria game I have little worry that we will not qualify. They are both quite poor but we cannot take it easy and I worry that we may believe the press impression that we have a divine right to reach the quarter finals.

So far only Germany (as usual) have appeared a really useful team. They looked really good against Australia. The rest have been much of a muchness. Little imagination, little excitement and only that damned noise. Things must get better!

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JT said...

Agree with you about Dawson - why didn't we at least use him during one of the friendlies. There was always a chance Rio or King would withdraw early. Now he's there and it's more likely than ever that he'll be used at some stage.