Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Story that Refuses to Die!

For some time now I have been following the 'History of Barack Obama Show'! I have frequently commented that surely this story cannot have legs. In this modern era a man cannot ascend to the highest office in the land without a proven personal history.

Every time that I have broached the subject I have had comments that this is old news and that it is a non event engineered by his political enemies to discredit the President. Now from this distance I can understand that line of defence and yet something is niggling away at the back of my mind.

Now I read this and the whole discussion rears its ugly head again. Why does nobody remember Barack Obama or even Barry Soetoro (don't ask me why he had two names!) when he graduated from Columbia University in 1983? Somebody is not telling the truth but like I said the last time, it is so easy to defend the President. Every class in every year had class photos taken. Nobody could go through the whole of their university life without being photographed!

So just to put this to bed once and for all let someone find a photograph of the young President with a group of classmates in 1983 at Columbia University. I have read some conspiracy theories but this one is the strangest tale because it is so unlikely and I cannot understand why the Republicans did not challenge him earlier when he first came into prominence?


Anonymous said...

The Democratic Party steamrolled Obama into the 2008 campaign.

Even Hillary Clinton and her supporters felt its full weight. One of them made a film about the intimidation some of Clinton's caucus delegates received.

Any opposition to Obama was immediately labelled and criticised.

The force of the 2008 campaign for Obama was unheard of.

Several people from independent journalists to military personnel attempted to uncover and mount (unsuccessful) legal action about the ambiguity concerning his identity.

There are several good blogs which began in 2008 and have continued to the present which document and track Obama and his first four years. Many are written by disillusioned Democrats and Independents.

If you're really interested, you might wish to check out and the investigatingobama blog, clicking on the Trevor Loudon: Obama Files tab.

Off topic, but I really enjoyed your Olympics post. Thanks!


bryboy said...

Hello Churchmouse and tks for you contribution. I am beginning to realise that I am coming into this story far too late. I keep reading the doubters and if President Obama is not a fraud he could easily dispel all the doubts. The problem is that it does not happen!The States seem to have a whole pile of troubles created since Obama came to office. I fear for their future.