Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Iain RIP

Sorry folks but I just have to record this on my blog for the family. My blog is personal to me and this was a hugely personal tragedy for our family. I think that the Edinburgh Evening News did a great job and I have thanked them.

One day little 'T' will want to understand what happened? The truth is that he worked himself to death to support her. Now perhaps people will understand how I am so keen to stop this benefit culture which the politicians support so readily.

Iain worked through the night to enable himself to study a Masters degree. He did this from nothing. When he met 'J' he had nothing because all he wanted to do was join the army. He had no qualifications...not a single GCSE. When he decided to go for a law degree he first had to attend foundation courses. 

At that time he was living in a one room flat in the East End of London. I visited him once and on the walk to Stockwell tube station I was a conspicuous white face. Iain qualified by studying during the day and driving all night.  He worked for anyone who would pay him.

Eventually he arrived on the steps of Edinburgh Napier University and gained his law degree. Everyone who ever met Iain knew what a special person he was. He was a computer whizz kid, he installed our family kitchen and erected our garden shed. His knowledge of electrics was immense, he could fix anything and did it willingly. 

He was also a gifted sportsman. He wasn't bothered about sport but he was a physical specimen. At the age of 12 he was the goalkeeper for a German state (county) and they did not overlook German goalkeepers lightly! He was under the eyes of Borussia Moenchengladbach who at that time were a top, top German team.

My Iain never failed at anything apart from relationships and money. If anyone had 'it' with the ladies it was Iain! I have been with him when we walked into bars and every female head turned. In the States even the waitresses tried to chat him up.

He was useless with money! He spent it as soon as he earned it but he did earn it. Unfortunately he did not have his sister's acumen with money and it caused him problems but...I never remember him on the dole. He would not do it! Iain could talk for England and would always come up with a plan before he would succumb to free money.

He hated modern politics. He instinctively knew that something was wrong but conceded that if he got a job he would probably have to swallow his tongue. Perhaps he got that from me but then his essays on law were always posted to me for correcting. The trouble came when I did not understand the content! So I read up!

Good bye my son. It is all over now. We will never get over that horrendous Saturday and now even the legal system have finished with you. I just know that there will never be another Iain Cameron Boyle and God help the parents if there is!

Love Dad xx

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Anonymous said...

he was an absolute inspiration to many people and as you said there will never again be a person quite like him. I think about him every day, he is still very much a part of my life.. it just is the most tragic of stories,like you I'm not sure i will ever get over it, tho I do feel very fortunate to have known him. Little 'T' is beautiful. God bless you all, Im thinking about you today. Kind regards Hxxx