Sunday, 19 August 2012


This blog needs refreshing so I am returning to my first love football. I apologise to all my non footballing friends who regularly tune in to see what the mad old sod is gibbering about but football is important. It is the national sport which brings so many people together so it is imperative that we can comment upon it.

I watched or half watched a game between Leeds and Wolves this lunch time. It was a Championship game between two well supported sides so I hoped for some football. What I got was legalised thuggery where any attempt at skill was immediately destroyed by people impersonating runaway band saws.

The referee was always happy to condone the most murderous assaults with a casual wave of a yellow card. Each player then realised that they their outrageous assault on their fellow professional had been excused. No wonder we don't have any skilful players on show because they have all been kicked out of the game.

The day drifted onto me listening to Radio Derby while my mate was in North Wales putting up curtains for his daughter. When I worked with him he was a Forest season ticket holder and even though I support the Rams I respected his loyalty. So on the first day of the season he tells me to text the score to him?? What has happened to football? Perhaps the empty stands at Leeds tells us something! Does North Wales not have radio or has he lost some interest?

Back at Pride Park (Derby) my Rams easily gain a two goal lead because they are actually quite a good team. Cue the management to want to contain that lead. 'Don't lose the lead lads because we cannot afford another disaster.' Result 2-2! Yet another 90th minute goal! They have put together a really promising squad but the psychology is a disaster. They really should attack and sod the defence because their defenders are more profligate than the attackers.

In the Premiership the honours on the first day go to the minnows. Swansea and West Brom have attacked the Premiership with gusto! We could have a surprise here because some clubs are still finding players who can play. West Brom 3 Liverpool 0 and QPR 0 Swansea 5 is somewhat vengeful considering that during the summer Liverpool tempted the Swansea manager away from the club that he had built into a premiership club.

There has been a plethora of foreign players being imported into the premiership. Some of them are unknown to us but all are keen of premiership money. In the meantime British players are finding it difficult to break through to the highest stage. It is not good for our international prospects.

However finally last week a united England beat Italy 2-1. We achieved it without Hart, Terry, Rio Ferdinand, Glen Johnson, Ashley Cole, Gerrard and Rooney. Has new manager Roy Hodgson found a magic formula or is the fact that he was rejected by Liverpool actually a good sign? I feel much better now!

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Football is shite