Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Olympic Ticket Scandal!

You will forgive me for returning to a constant theme. I am like a dog with a bone but then I know people who originally applied for tickets and were awarded nothing.  Now we have rows of empty seats in almost every event (including Andy Murray) and ticket touts and illegal web sites seem to have access to almost everything!

Many British families applied for tickets at the first round of bidding and for some apparent reason received nothing. Now we have almost empty stadia (at times) and London is deserted.  Clearly Lord Coe (he of the smug expression) has failed to ensure a  fair distribution of tickets particularly to the British public. Everything was astonishingly overpriced!

Today the people came out to support Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome when almost every yard of the (free) Olympic time trial route was lined with excited spectators.  The rowing fraternity have also been well supported but then is that because they are an up market clientele?

One final moan in typical Victor Meldrew style...our soldiers are living in conditions not fit for pigs!  The politicians keep (over) praising them but their accommodation reflects how the government value them. We have a deserted London in which many up market hotels have empty rooms. Why does the government not commandeer these empty rooms and move the troops into luxury accommodation. They could then send the bill to G4S and then we would all be winners. 

Why do we never get joined up thinking from a politician? The reason is that most of them have an entirely different agenda from the public which you may have realised if you read my last post. I still want these Games to be over without a 'false flag' incident. I fear something awful from the New World Order and I really hope in two weeks time that you can all say that 'Bryboy' was paranoid!


SAB said...

Went to the Millenim Stadium yesterday to see Swiss v Mexico and Uraguay v Team GB. My dad was horrified at the cost of two bacon baguettes and two cokes. £15!!! Ouch!!!

bryboy said...

That is not just profiteering that is grand larceny! I am sure that this is the reason that so many seats are empty. People just haven't got the money.