Thursday, 9 August 2012

Sorry but I am so Proud of our Athletes!

Tonight two young British girls delivered the ultimate accolade for Team GB. They both won gold medals in fighting sports which have previously been denigrated by people like me! I hated the very idea of female combat sport but I am afraid I do have to accept it.

I must also remember that there was a time when the 'ladies' were not allowed to run above 800 metres at the Olympic Games. Today two girls, both of them who have charming and engaging personalities have broken down barriers.

I woke up this morning annoyed at the accolades delivered by the BBC on 29 year old Nicola Adams who, because she was small, black and female she suited their diversity campaign. I remember thinking that Hazel Irvine would probably get an extension on her contract every time she mentioned Nicola's name.

Then along came Jade Jones| How many of us had heard of Taekwondo before these Games? How many of us had heard of Jade Jones? Both of these girls have beaten the world in combat sports. Both girls should be treated with equal prominence. I await with alacrity how the agenda driven BBC will treat both gold medallists but we all know who will receive the most publicity.

Jade Jones will not meet the criteria of the multicultural, multiethnical state sponsored scheme because she is a normal girl from a normal family who have supported her through thick and thin. That also applies to Nicola and both girls have performed at the highest level and gained gold medals. I want equal opportunity!

Already BBC Newsnight are lauding Nicola Adams and not a mention of Jade Jones!! I knew it! They are already lining up Nicola Adams as a downtrodden heroine so that their programme  can proceed. Poor old Jade has rather upset their agenda because she too won and yet her family has had no more adversity than Nicola's family.

What a shame that nobody is even debating these issues! We just accept them and then and pay our license fee.


Anonymous said...

I sometimes stare open mouthed when I watch the BBC, everytime they go to another presenter on whatever subject, I'm looking at a person who is non White, why is this? And dont get me started on women and sport. I've never considered myself sexist of racist but sometimes you have to ask yourself the question. Fully agree with you on this one Bryboy.


Anonymous said...

You must be pleased now that Jade Jones has been mentioned more today than either of yesterday's gold medal winning women, even double gold medalist Charlotte Dujardin. I have been asking myself why this is all day and have come to the conclusion that Charlotte is too posh and Nicola Adams is non-white. A bit of a change the trend you observed yesterday and one which I find more distasteful, sexist and racist.

Anonymous said...

I'm just upset that after 3 minutes they still have their clothes on and no one has thrown loads of jelly into the arena!

bryboy said...

Sorry not to have responded but I have been absent bowling without computer. My point was that the race 'war' does no longer exist in the eyes of normal people. Nobody any longer bats an eye about race or colour except the BBC who have been institutionalised to regard their omnipotent diversity programme as above democracy. OK BBC you won...we are now all in the same melting pot and every race won gold can you bugger this up! I just know that you will use the power of OUR licence fee to try because even at the height of the winning of diverse athletic medals people like BBC chief Mark Thompson was still unhappy. He knows his battle is lost after this show of British loyalty!